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BI that Fits You (Venco)

Actualizado: 28 abr 2020

How to take advantage of the information your company generates in an easy, understandable and seamless way.

Who is Venco Electrónica?

Since its inception more than 35 years ago, VENCO ELECTRÓNICA, has been working to supplying electronic components for manufacturing of goods. With offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao, it has extensive experience in electromedicine, transportation, renewable energies and industrial automation.


In recent years, Venco had developed reports and scorecards using the QlikView tool. The documents had been prepared internally, obtaining a comprehensive and truthful view of their business. However, over time two clear needs emerged:

       · Take a qualitative leap in terms of the analysis of the information generated by a specialist partner.

      · A study of the market for BI tools, selecting one that offered superior functionality, better adjusting to Venco’s needs.

Our Solution

The professional relationship consolidated for several years between Océano Consulting and Venco Electrónica, and our experience in the world of BI placed us in a privileged position.

Knowing the two worlds allowed us to carry out an analysis of the different options on the market, selecting the one that best suited Venco's needs, with Qlik Sense being the chosen solution.

Our technical and business experience allowed us to make a rapid migration, with weekly deliveries, in which value was added from the first minute, being able to introduce a unique point of view thanks to a deep knowledge of their needs.

Currently they have a comprehensive scorecard monitoring of the main indicators of their business, billing, biba, booking, forecast, project conversion rates, ... as well as accounting reports at the level of product manager which they link to their document manager to track supplier invoices and any other document they want to view linked to their accounting.

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