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Transforming Data into Information (Velamen)

Actualizado: 28 abr 2020

Find out how Velamen reduced its reporting workload and how it unified its data processing system.

Who is Velamen?

VELAMEN S.A. is the Spanish firm specialising in the manufacture and marketing of home textiles. Thanks to long experience and a high degree of specialisation, Velamen satisfies the most demanding customers by offering a product for every need.

Challenge: Data Visualisation

Before installing Qlikview, Velamen made reports using Cubos or Excel, which meant long hours of work that did not add value. For example, a person, once a month, had to prepare the reports for the representatives, requiring at least one and a half days of work to do so.

Velamen's objective was to standardise and automate the data that people were relying on, and get to create a data model and a single overview so that all users speak the same language, and when comparing data it was done under the same framework.

Our Solution

A project was carried out that included Qlikview and NPrinting solutions to streamline information in decision-making. Being a project typology with short development times, the first results were immediately seen providing us with a very short and visible ROI.

Furthermore, Qlikview and NPrinting have a very good synergy. NPrinting allowed the easy distribution of information to both internal and external people. It is currently used to automatically prepare and submit reports for management meetings or to create reports for representatives faster and more frequently.

When using Qlik as an ETL the 4 to 5 hours of data-loadings were reduced to 30 minutes. They also stopped wasting 2 days each month to prepare the monthly report, since it is automatically generated every day.

Why Oceano Consulting?

The vision of the project contributed by Oceano Consulting fit perfectly with the objectives set by Velamen and, on top of that, the experience in Infor M3 projects allowed us to achieve a higher performance in less time.

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