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The Power of Personalised Solutions (Velamen)

Actualizado: 28 abr 2020

Find out how Velamen used B2B tools to streamline and facilitate the consultation of crucial information for its users.

Who is Velamen?

VELAMEN S.A. is the Spanish firm specialising in the manufacture and marketing of home textiles. Thanks to long experience and a high degree of specialisation, Velamen satisfies the most demanding customers by offering a product for every need.

Challenge: Simplification of processes

Velamen's large sales volume led the company to look for alternatives to improve processes such as the checking of orders and invoices or the creation of orders among others.

Thus, on our part, the creation of a web application was proposed to facilitate and reduce the time required to carry out these tasks for both the company's workers and customers.

The main challenges of the project were, firstly, to create a tool that would be integrated with the company's ERP through Web Services and APIs. Secondly, that said tool be available to different types of users (customers, commercials and customer service) taking into account the particularities of each one of them and, lastly, that it could be used from different devices (mobiles, tablets and computers), with a design adapted to the size of the screen and with the possibility of using the touch based commands.

Our solution

The experience in integrating for M3 (the ERP used by Velamen), having knowledge about Velamen’s database inner workings and the fact that we work with specialised web application developers placed us in a privileged position to carry out this project.

Thus, we opted for the realisation of a web application using Java, HTML and CSS technology that would allow us to carry out tasks such as creating orders and consulting invoices while integrating it into Velamen's ERP.

Why Océano Consulting?

The vision of the project contributed by Oceano Consulting fit perfectly with the objectives set by Velamen and, on the other hand, our experience in Infor M3 projects allowed us to achieve higher performance in less time.

Download the PDF document to learn more about the solution carried out by the team at Océano Consulting by clicking here.

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